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TSERGAS Human Capital specializes in providing Human Resources solutions to Law Firms of all sizes.

HR Services That Law Firms and Lawyers Consult Us On:

  • Legal Recruitment
  • Junior Lawyers | Legal Assistants and Law Clerks | Legal Accounting Staff | Managing Partners

  • Termination Meetings
  • Terminations can be difficult for all parties involved. We provide your clients with third-party support to ensure the termination is conducted without complications.

  • Workplace Harassment Investigations
  • Save time and your clients’ money by enlisting us to conduct workplace investigations in compliance with employment law.

  • Health & Safety Investigations
  • We help your clients prevent recurrent health and safety incidents through comprehensive and informed investigation strategies and recommendations.

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Why TSERGAS Human Capital

Founding Principal Effie Tsergas has a lengthy background in law firms having worked for some of Canada’s top lawyers; first as a legal assistant, then as a Law Clerk and Office Manager, before she organically flowed into human resources and back office operations.

We know the work, because we’ve done it. We know the hours involved, the personalities and the business.

With a network of Lawyers, TSERGAS Human Capital has specific intel about your needs in terms of hiring, whether it’s for recruiting a junior lawyer, associate lawyer or senior litigator.

Calling ourselves the ‘millionaire matchmaker of law’, we match lawyers with their ideal ‘fit’ in terms of personality and similar ideologies and values.

Since 2014, TSERGAS Human Capital has been instrumental in helping employers and employees reach their true potential. We are a full-cycle Human Resources firm specializing in helping Canadian and US-based businesses grow and thrive in today’s changing employment landscape.

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Law Firms We’ve Provided HR Services To

Seabrook Workplace Law

“ Effie is a force of nature. She is a wonderful person, who truly brings a special quality to the recruitment process. Effie takes time to get to know her clients and the candidates, and then applies her unique ability to know a good match when she sees one. Effie was always available to me and the candidates, making me feel very supported throughout the process. This has been better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much, Effie. ”


Samantha Seabrook, Managing Partner

Whitten & Lublin PC

“ Effie is a real ‘go getter’. If you need a professional to get things done for your business, we would recommend her without hesitation. Effie used her considerable expertise to assist us in a variety of areas that were critical to the development of our Firm. She takes a highly efficient and thoughtful approach to project management and she consistently delivers excellent results. She understands and addressed the needs of our Firm and took an organized approach to making sure that her projects were completed on time and to our satisfaction. Her solution overviews impressed us. She is very engaging, dependable and high in integrity. Professional, thorough and consistently going the extra mile are some of the reasons that we would highly recommend Effie. ”


Daniel Lublin

Hyde HR Law

“ As Director of Administration and Human Resources for Levitt & Grosman LLP, Effie was the architect of moving the entire law firm to a new more prominent location in downtown Toronto, addressing all aspects of the transition, from administration, HR and organization, to lease and supplier negotiations. Effie is a strong leader, who has a proven background in organizing, developing and achieving corporate goals fundamental to the success of the business. ”


John Hyde, Founder and Senior Partner

Epstein Cole LLP

“ As my previous practice manager at a mid-size boutique family law firm in downtown Toronto, at which I was a senior partner, I found Effie’s ability to manage clients’ needs in a high-stress, demanding environment, resulted in the timeliest delivery of services and turn-around. Effie has a no nonsense approach to the task. Her unique style combines a thoughtful assessment of people and systems, developing an action plan of practicality and efficiency, with the critical evaluation of outcomes to maintain continued organizational success. She is a forward-planning, forward-thinking, go getter and I would recommend her for any project—short or long-term. ”


Anne Marie Horne, Partner

Bune law

“ From a candidate perspective, Effie was truly fantastic to work with throughout the entire process. She maintained a highly professional demeanor, and was always very friendly, helpful and encouraging. Most importantly, it is Effie’s intelligence and interpersonal skills that make her an invaluable asset to any lawyer or law firm. Effie takes the time to understand lawyers from both a personal and professional perspective, while providing insightful and timely advice. She is the epitome of a legal recruitment specialist who specializes in the recruitment of talented lawyers. She is willing and capable of being a constant in a period of growth and transition. I would highly recommend Effie to anyone within the legal field exploring career opportunities.


Sezar Bune, Managing Lawyer

MacDonald & Associates

“ When I think of the perfect word to describe Effie, only one word comes to mind – effervescent! Whether she is embarking upon a new project, or following up just to find out how you are, Effie is one of those rare treasures in business: personality plus, and the brains to pull it off. Having had the pleasure of working with Effie over the past year, I find her not only to be a dedicated, talented professional, but a warm and genuine person. As a recruiter, she learns the culture of your business, and exactly what you need. Understanding the whole picture, she is dutiful about ensuring you have the top candidate on your slate, leaving no stone unturned to do so. When you work with Effie, you are quite simply – working with the best. ”

Natalie MacDonald

Levitt LLP

“ As my Director of Administration/Human Resource Manager/Crisis Manager from September 2, 2014 to December, 2015, Effie arrived at our firm at a time of significant organizational difficulty and conflict. Effie was constantly on call, available to be reached by me (our lawyers and staff), at virtually any hour of the day and night. Her tireless efforts and her ability to manage people and projects, helped us to quickly reach our organizational goals. Effie’s greatest accomplishment was our office move. Effie sourced space and purchased equipment and furniture for an entirely new office, while doing all of the recruitment for various back-office administrative staff and managers. Effie is extraordinarily well-contacted in the legal and business communities. With a plethora of contacts and relationships, she was able to resource and recruit high-quality administrative candidates with facility and ease. Our firm continues to rely upon Effie for her guidance, counsel and administrative support. ”

Howard Levitt, Senior Partner

Ryan Edmonds Workplace Counsel

“ When you’re juggling a busy practice along with everything else, it’s such a relief to work with someone who “gets it”. Well, without a doubt, that person is Effie─not only did she quickly grasp our staffing needs, but she also quickly “got us” in terms of our firm’s culture and plans for the future. It’s no wonder, then, that each candidate we met with came into the interview with a genuine sense of excitement. On another note, Effie was such a joy to work with that she’s now a regular attendee at our firm’s social events. ”


Ryan Edmonds

Tsinman Law

“ Effie is a one-of-a-kind professional. She possesses a rare combination of excellent judgment and flexibility. Working well with a variety of personalities, her client relationship skills are highly acute. She is a big-picture thinker, and never fails to find a creative and innovative solution to a problem. Effie is indispensable to legal professionals who are thinking of opening their own firm, and is equally valuable to more established law firms who are seeking to improve their existing organizational structure. Her unique experiences at various law firms and companies allow her to offer her clients valuable insight into how they are performing in a saturated market. Whatever your organizational needs may be, Effie will ensure you receive the help your firm needs to shine. ”


Ina Tsinman, Managing Partner

Seabrook Workplace Law

“ I met Effie through a recruitment process and, over time, came to know her as a highly knowledgeable and consummate HR professional, with a genuinely warm and engaging personality to boot! Effie takes the time to obtain a thorough understanding of both, the recruiting client and prospective candidates, to ensure there is the best possible “fit” for both sides. Her extensive experience in human resources, companies and people allows Effie to effectively guide candidates through the recruitment process in a way that aligns that individual’s professional skills, personality and values with the hiring client for a maximally successful work relationship. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Effie and couldn’t be happier with her expert guidance and professional counsel for my career! ”


Karina Pogosyan, Associate Lawyer

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