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Enhance your business with customized HR solutions, expert consulting, and cost-effective fractional HR services from Toronto’s premier HR firm.

We are All Things People

TSERGAS Human Capital, a Toronto-based HR Consulting Firm, specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive without the need or expense of a full HR department.

We offer a range of customized HR consulting services and solutions to ensure legislative compliance, implement HR best practices, and foster a healthy company culture. This allows leadership teams to focus on business development, operational efficiency, and innovation.

Since 2014, we’ve supported various sectors, including startups, nonprofits, charities, manufacturing companies, and global enterprises.

Our people-first approach to Human Resources truly makes us All Things People™.

Whether you need help with a specific HR project or ongoing HR support, TSERGAS Human Capital ensures peace of mind by handling all your HR responsibilities. This allows you to focus on the most critical aspects of your business. Enjoy professional, reliable HR services tailored to your unique needs.

Custom Human Resources Solutions and Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of HR solutions and interim support tailored to your company’s strategic objectives and business needs. From fractional HR services for a few hours to monthly flat fee retainers, TSERGAS Human Capital helps keep your business compliant, engage employees, and mitigate conflicts. Benefit from expert HR management without the burden of a full-fledged HR department.

Flexible Monthly HR Solutions

Get on-demand support from a team of HR experts with over 40 years of experience, without the cost of a full-fledged HR department.

Our monthly flat fee retainers offer flexible, cost-effective HR solutions tailored to your business needs.

Take advantage of our prepaid discounted packages for even greater savings and efficiency.

Workplace Investigations

Demonstrate your commitment to a safe workplace by addressing sexual harassment, bullying, and harassment allegations through an unbiased third-party investigator.

Ensure trust and transparency with thorough, impartial investigations.

Our comprehensive approach helps maintain a positive work environment and protects your organization’s reputation.

Organizational Audits

Enhance your business’s efficiency with our comprehensive HR audits.

Our team of HR professionals will assess your organizational processes and deliver a detailed, step-by-step guide to ensure strategic alignment and optimal performance.

Trust TSERGAS Human Capital for insightful audits that drive growth and success.

HR Consulting for Nonprofits

Enhance your nonprofit organization’s impact with our specialized HR consulting services. We develop strategies to boost employee engagement, measure and improve performance and increase employee retention—critical challenges for nonprofits.

Our tailored HR solutions help create a motivated and high-performing team, allowing your nonprofit to thrive.

Save with our prepaid monthly packages and enjoy a 10% nonprofit courtesy discount on all listed options.

Targeted Recruitment

Boost your team’s efficiency and performance with TSERGAS Human Capital’s targeted recruiting services.

Our strategic, personalized recruitment approach ensures you find the perfect candidates, saving you both time and money.

Trust us to enhance your HR processes and meet your specific business needs.


Guide your organization through changes with our strategic advice and expert support.

We help businesses manage and implement organizational transformations effectively,ensuring employee buy-in and minimizing disruption.

Let TSERGAS Human Capital assist your company at every step, fostering a positive transition and sustainable growth.

Health and Safety Planning

Ensure workplace safety and minimize legal risks with a clear, effective Health and Safety policy.

Our expert team of HR professionials, will help you develop comprehensive plans to prevent accidents and injuries, ensuring your employees understand and follow the protocols, to keep your workforce safe and healthy.

Training and Development

Elevate your team’s performance with our tailored training programs and employee engagement strategies.

Our HR experts develop and deliver solutions that align with your organization’s specific needs, fostering growth and productivity.

Interim HR Management

Bridge HR gaps with our interim HR management services.

Whether for short-term needs, long-term projects, or seasonal demands, our tailored HR solutions ensure your business remains compliant and efficient.

Trust TSERGAS Human Capital to support your temporary human capital requirements with expertise and flexibility.

Why Partner with TSERGAS Human Capital

Experienced HR Consulting

With a collective of 40+ years of experience in Human Resources, legal and other professional services we can handle your most complex HR challenges.

We make happy workplaces

Increase employee engagement and commitment by developing effective strategies grounded in the principles of Positive Organizational Behavior.

We are All Things People™

Our reputation and ethos are based on a people-first approach to Human Resources and how we do business, making TSERGAS Human Capital experts in All Things People™.

Save money and increase revenue

Maximize employee productivity and organizational efficiency while minimizing employee turnover, legal risks, and other unnecessary costs.

Whether you’re looking for interim HR support or long-term strategic Human Capital Management, consider us your one-stop-shop for all your Human Resources needs.

Providing HR Consulting Services for

Human Capital Management to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Our team of Human Resources experts provide a unique blend of creative & strategic HR services and custom tailored HR solutions for companies; small or large.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Effie and Cierra treated our organization as their own”

TSERGAS Human Capital provided exceptional HR guidance and counsel to our organization during a time of significant transition. Effie and Cierra treated our organization as their own; meeting milestones ahead of schedule and sharing critical information with transparency. Honesty and ethics were at the forefront, ensuring key stakeholders were well positioned to make strategic HR and operational decisions to support the future direction of the organization. As a not-for-profit, TSERGAS Human Capital has delivered a full suite of HR services at exceptional value and has become an instrumental and ongoing partner for us.
Lisa McDonough, Board Chair, Library Services Centre (LSC)

Ernie Sherman, President, Fuelled Networks Limited

Effie and her team make us a better company…”

“I have the privilege of working with Effie Tsergas and her HR consulting team. After many frustrating experiences with staffing/recruiting agencies with no real value, we moved to a Fractional HR Support Team (Effie Tsergas). We won’t look back. Effie and her team consistently provide value throughout the process. They care. From the initial review and the first interview, they guide you throughout the process. They work with our existing team to determine culture and fit. This is not a race to the finish but a well-thought-out strategy that aligns with our organization. HR is the most critical focus a company should invest in. TSERGAS Human Capital is professional, accessible, and relevant. Effie and her team make us a better company. TSERGAS Human Capital will continue to support our hiring and HR efforts.”

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