What We Do


Founded in 2014, TSERGAS Human Capital is a Human Resources consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada.

Recognizing that each business has its own unique needs, TSERGAS Human Capital delivers customized, flexible, and cost-effective HR solutions to small-to medium-sized Canadian and US-based companies.

We deliver straightforward, practical, and results-driven HR solutions to our clients, who range from global tech companies to nonprofit organizations in different stages of the business lifecycle.

With a collective 40+ years of HR, employment law and professional services experience, our HR expertise has been sought by companies looking to boost employee engagement and performance, increase organizational efficiency, and manage legal circumstances without the cost or long-term commitment of hiring additional employees.

As our client testimonials will endorse, the team of consultants at TSERGAS Human Capital is passionate about helping clients be better employers and do better business.

Contact us to discover how our HR consultants can help your business with our flexible virtual and on-site HR outsourcing services.

Our Values

We believe authenticity is an essential part of being impactful in HR, and we hold strongly to our values of remaining transparent, agile, and accountable in servicing our clients. Our commitment to these principles is how we have been able to establish meaningful, collaborative relationships with our employer clients and their employees for the past seven years.

Our Team

Effie Tsergas

Founding Principal, Managing HR Director

Effie has been a champion of positive organizational behavior for over thirty years. She founded TSERGAS Human Capital over 10 years ago. Aside from her “effervescent” personality and unwavering commitment to HR best practices, Effie is well-known for her work with some of the top legal firms in Canada. She assists clients across various industries with everything from targeted, direct recruitment, strategic human resources planning; and change management initiatives. With a wealth of experience in human resources, workplace investigations, law, public relations, and marketing communications, Effie is a seasoned strategist with expertise you can bank on.

Cierra James-Hahn

Senior HR Management Consultant

Cierra James-Hahn is an experienced human resources professional with a comprehensive background in recruitment and onboarding, contract writing, compensation and benefits, health and safety, and policy development. Driven by the desire to help employers and employees reach their full potential, Cierra takes pride in developing and implementing thoughtful and effective human capital solutions and services. As Managing HR Director at TSERGAS Human Capital, Cierra’s objectives include fulfilling client obligations related to recruitment, HR management, HR planning, health and safety, payroll and benefits administration, and other fractional HR services. In addition to her primary job functions, Cierra has been recognized for her extraordinary commitment to ethics and legal compliance when providing solutions to complex business challenges.

TJ Liebgott

Digital Marketing

Beginning his career in audio production, TJ suddenly pivoted into the world of online marketing and web development after co-founding Toronto Music Scene, a viral online chronicle of the city’s thriving music ecosystem.

From there he grew a collection of his own boutique online arcade businesses before turning his attention towards helping both entrepreneurs and corporate clients improve and grow their digital presence. Over the past decade TJ has accumulated a vast portfolio of innovative websites and marketing strategies for clients in a variety of industries.