It’s at the core of what we do. That includes being upfront with our clients on our rates.

Á La Carte HR Solutions and Fractional HR Services

Leave the HR responsibilities to us so that you can focus on the parts of the business that matter most to you. Whether you’re looking to solve an existing HR problem or proactively plan for the future, we offer customized HR solutions based on the strategic objectives of your business. We are flexible in how we support our clients and can provide both on-site and virtual services for short or long-term engagements to suit the needs of your business

Effie Tsergas

Founding Principal, Managing HR Director

Rate: $225 hourly

Cierra James-Hahn

Senior HR Management Consultant

Rate: $145 hourly

Monthly HR Offerings:

Our Monthly HR Retainers

While our standard rates are considered highly competitive, we offer additional flexibility and significant cost-savings to our clients through our Monthly HR retainers, potentially saving $1000-$2000 per month depending on the selected package. Business owners can find greater peace of mind with our tiered offerings, which provide the desired level of HR support at a fraction of the cost of a traditional HR team. Moreover, our clients have the flexibility to move between tiers or cancel their plan as their business needs change.


How do our Monthly HR Plans work?

For one flat monthly rate, you gain access to continuous, on-going support from an HR Director Specialist for any human resources project, problem, or need that arises. Our plans offer a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to paying the salaries of a traditional HR team consisting of an HR Coordinator/Manager and HR Director.


What are the benefits of a Monthly HR Retainer?


Cost Savings

With a monthly plan, you get the support of a full HR team without paying the salaries of a full HR team.



Our Monthly HR Plans offer greater flexibility than a traditional HR team without sacrificing service. With a monthly plan, you can choose the appropriate level of service that fits your needs and budget and only pay for what is most valuable to you. Should your business needs change, you may change your monthly plan or cancel at any time.


Peace of Mind

Effective HR is not a one-and-done process; it requires active maintenance and an agile response to both internal and external changes. With a monthly plan, you’re provided with HR support that’s always there when you need it – even after hours and on weekends.


Access to Valuable Resources

When you work with TSERGAS Human Capital, you gain access to our extended network of leading employment lawyers, mediators and arbitrators, guest speakers, and executive business coaches.


Here is a sample of some of our monthly HR offerings.
Plans will be modified to fit the exact needs of your business.

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