Interim HR Support and Management

Some businesses rely on external Human Resources management support to tackle interim HR projects outside the scope of their expertise, to fill temporary gaps in their HR team, or for extra coverage during busy periods.

TSERGAS Human Capital’s Interim HR Support and Management services provide businesses with a practical, cost-effective solution for completing one-off projects; and fulfilling interim assignments covering HR gaps for temporary and/or part-time HR positions.

From VP/Director of HR to HR Manager, Business Partner, or Coordinator; our team of experienced HR professionals can quickly integrate into your company and start delivering results from day one.

We act as strategic partners to our clients and pride ourselves on our ability to gain a complete understanding of the needs of your business.

How it Works:

Imagine hiring one HR consultant and receiving an entire HR department’s worth of support and expertise.

That is what you get with TSERGAS Human Capital. One of our skilled HR professionals will act as the front-facing HR representative for your company, managing day-to-day operations and interactions with employees.

Meanwhile, a team of HR consultants will also be working behind the scenes providing additional HR support without any additional cost, allowing your company to benefit from:


  • The skills and expertise of a team of HR consultants for the same cost as hiring one full-time employee.
  • The ability to manage more HR projects and initiatives at once and complete them and complete them swiftly.
  • The ability to fill employment gaps and gain additional interim HR support as needed, with less disruption to business operations compared to Traditional short-term hiring.
  • Avoiding the cost of a bad hire. It is difficult to determine how a candidate may perform without actually hiring them. Read our testimonials to see what our clients say about us.

How We Can Meet the Unique Needs of Your Business

Looking for parental or sick leave coverage?


TSERGAS Human Capital has you covered. Our team will step in to fill the interim gaps in your HR team and ensure a seamless transition once the employee is ready to return. If you decide you would like to work with us longer-term, we are able to provide ongoing HR support based on the needs of your business.

In need of a Director or VP of HR?


Avoid the negative impact of an HR leadership gap by enlisting the immediate help of an experienced, senior HR professional. With an interim consulting Director/VP of HR, you retain a vital partner in day-to-day operations and strategic HR support for your company’s long-term objectives.

Is your HR or recruitment team in need of additional support?


Perhaps your company is experiencing a period of rapid growth and your recruitment team requires additional resources. Or maybe you are an HR professional with a growing list of HR projects you have not been able to tackle because you are just too “in the weeds.” TSERGAS Human Capital is here to help. Offload the excess work to us so that you can focus on the matters of most priority to you while ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Have an HR project or initiative requiring specialized expertise?


You would not ask your Marketer to oversee your company’s accounting (if you would, you might need HR help more than you think!). Similarly, you should not ask your Office Manager, VP of Finance, or other non-HR employees to do Human Resource work. If you have a specific project or situation that requires the guidance of an experienced HR professional (i.e., diversity and inclusion strategy, compensation planning, training and development, employee relations matters, etc.) avoid the headache and potential legal liability by contacting us today.

On the fence about hiring your first interim HR employee?


Working with TSERGAS Human Capital is a risk-free way to experience the value a qualified HR team can bring to your company without the commitment that comes with traditional hiring. Our team of HR professionals is experienced in helping growing businesses build their HR systems and processes from the ground up.

Connect with us to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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